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A Review of Betamo Poker Software

The online casino in question is Betamo. If you are a poker player who likes to play for fun or simply to satisfy your craving for something exciting and new, Betamo has a very interesting offer for you. You can try out their free poker for players service. This is the first of its kind online casino in Australia.

General Information

I am a big fan of online casino gambling and if there is one online casino that deserves my trust, it is Betamo. It offers a wide range of poker games including those which I am not familiar with such as Omaha and seven-card stud. The main reason I am writing this Betamo review is because they have a very unique offering. I am not sure how many other online casino companies in Australia or the world for that matter offer free, fully featured, fully licensed poker games for players.


To get started with Betamo you need to download the software. Once you have it you can either play for free on their demo site or register at the site for free. You will be given a unique code for registration, which you use to activate your free game and activate your bonus codes that will give you additional cash for playing at the online casino. Of course the choice is entirely up to you.


Now let’s see what this Betamo review is talking about. I love the way that Betamo designs its games. I especially like the layout of their bonus room. I have never played any online casino game that has the exact same appearance as Betamo’s bonus room. That is just one of the unique features of this online casino.


Now I am going to tell you about two of the poker games that you can enjoy while playing for free at Betamo. The first is the popular Texas Holdem. I have played a lot of online poker games over the years but Betamo’s Texas Holdem is one of my favorites. This is a game that you will feel very comfortable playing, even if you do not know all of the poker rules. That is just fine, since most of the rules are the same with regular online casino games. When you place your wager, you will be paying out based on the amount of money that you have invested.
The second game that you can enjoy for free at Betamo is their bonus game called No Limit Texas Holdem. This is another poker game that is popular with online casino players. In this game you will also be paying out real money but the pot in this game is smaller. Because of this you can benefit from making just a few dollars if you play a good game and win.

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