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Bodog is a well-known international online gambling brand, launched two years ago. It runs an online casino with more than one hundred thousand players, a wide variety of games and a unique betting system that allow players to play using a variety of currencies. The company claims that this provides its customers with a better gaming experience, as everyone is playing in the same currency. In short, players can win money playing online.

General Information About Bodog Casino

Bodog operates under the banner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The website claims that it caters to both beginner and expert poker players. However, players who are new to online gambling are better off signing up for a Bodog account rather than a casino account. While the website claims to cater to all skill levels, it is more adept at helping players improve their skills. For example, Bodog offers a tutorial section designed to help those new to the game learn the ins and outs of playing and winning.

Withdrawal Methods

As a poker room, Bodog has integrated several different withdrawal methods. Online players can make a deposit to their Bodog account and transfer funds to any participating casino through the use of a credit card or electronic cheque. Alternatively, they may withdraw funds by mail or phone. If a player wants to close his or her account, he or she can do so by sending a mail to the company’s address provided on the website.

Cash deposits can be withdrawn by wire transfer and by check. However, there is no option to pay in cash. A thorough review of the company’s terms and conditions is necessary before a player decides whether to withdraw using one of these methods or to opt for a withdrawal using a credit card.


The Bodog website allows players to earn extra poker points by depositing money into their Bodog account. These poker points can then be converted to credits which can be used for shopping through the company’s online retail store. Players may also choose to exchange these credits for cash in the cashier at the casino. Before players decide to convert their bonus money to cash, they need to read the terms and conditions contained in the offer. Review the detailed terms and conditions of each offer and read the bonus details to determine whether it is worth accepting.

Some online casinos offer cumulative bonuses that cumulatively increase the value of the players’ deposit. When they reach a certain threshold, they may choose to rollover their balance to a new promotional offer. A review of the online casino’s terms and conditions should be conducted before deposits are made to ensure that the bonus is not underwritten by other means.

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