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Guts Casino Review

Guts Casino is regarded as one of the top online casinos for Australian players looking to make the most of frequent generous promotion offers. They provide a $400 welcome bonus with free spins on all poker games, winnings off instantly placed on your card for the first 100 hands and no strings attached meaning that you can really score big time for free. For more information on this online casino, visit their website at the links below. To check out the other free online casino sites in Australia click on the links below. We hope you enjoy!

Basic Information

This free online casino site is run by the same people behind the highly popular online casinos Botanic and Party Poker. With the free bonus they are running you are able to play with fake money, which is part of their random number generator (RNG). There are a total of eleven rooms to choose from, full of poker faces and software that will help players improve their game. This online casino also runs a community forum which will allow players to trade information and experiences about the online casino itself and other live tables available to players.

Bonus features in Guts Casino

The bonus is not the only attraction to Guts Casino though as they have developed a reputation as one of Australia’s premier online casino offerings. They currently offer over two hundred thousand live dealer poker games, one hundred twenty thousand of which are seventy-eight different slots, and over two hundred hours of free casino time for online play. With these kinds of offerings it is no wonder that over half of all online gamblers in Australia own at least one account with this online casino. The best thing about Guts is that they don’t seem to have any problems paying out the money won on the live dealer tables, which also accounts for their high payout rates.


Although the payouts in these live casino table games are exceptionally good, Guts Casino also offers a couple of slot machines that pay out more than one hundred and fifty dollars, which account for nearly fifteen percent of all of their total winnings during any given month. One of these slot machines is named the “Big Yellow Box”. This machine pays out a maximum of five hundred dollars and has a full table, which is perfect for players who are looking for a good payout and are willing to go all out when playing slots.

Guts Casino also offers both video gaming and live dealer gaming on their website, which are not available on any other casino in Australia. This is a nice option for players who like to see what their favorite casino is doing but do not have the time to make it to a gaming hall in order to do so. The Big Yellow Box is only ten minutes from Guts Casino’s main site, making it convenient for players who want to play their favorite casino without having to leave home.


In addition to the Big Yellow Box, there are two other live casinos available from Guts Casino. They are the Guts Casino Blackjack and the Guts Casino Slots, both of which pay out over one hundred and fifty dollars for each hour. There are four hours of daily slots and betting offered, which means that players get a lot of variety throughout the day. There are also two free games offered from Guts Casino each day, which means that players have a chance to try their luck at online slots before joining the main line of games.

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