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Promotions & Newcomers to the Raffles at Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino was among the first flagship websites of the Fortune Lounge Group, when it was launched in2000. Today, it is among the twenty brands under the Digimedia Casino family, along with sister sites like Casino Australia, Spin Palace, and Diamond Casino. In addition to the physical casinos in Las Vegas, the Resort has an online casino facility that allows members to play free poker games, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other card games. Review sections for both the physical and online casinos can be found in this review. They offer a wealth of information to assist you in choosing which online casino to visit.

General Information About Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is operated by Park Investment Properties, LLC, which is owned by casino owners Robert (Bob) Rowling and Melvyn DeVilliers. They have merged with two other online casinos, allowing the online casinos to take over the online casino operations from RVP. According to this press release, the new owners aim at “enhancing the experience for all visitors, in keeping with the hotel’s long-standing reputation for exceeding customer expectations”. The aim is not to change the overall layout, however, as they state “we are doing this to enhance the user experience and in keeping with the traditional design of our physical casino”.

Features of Royal Vegas Casino

At the Royal Vegas Casino, the main attractions are the slots, video slots, erotic slots, progressive jackpots, poker, baccarat, and the classic blackjack. These are supplemented by a wide range of seasonal promotions and special themed events. One point that is worth highlighting is that there are separate wireless and wired guest casinos in the same building, which allow members to transfer from their present hotel to these online casino properties, without having to enter the casino. This is an innovation that should encourage travelers to visit both properties, especially if slots players would like to try their luck at one without being distracted by the graphics and sound produced by the online casino.

Another initiative taken by the developers is the inclusion of a few promotional offers and promotions in the casino lobby. One such offer is the Comp program. As a member of this comp program, you will be eligible for a number of free spins, regardless of how many actual spins you have already earned. You will also receive a free entry into the casino’s Millionaire Maker promotion, where you will be presented with opportunities to earn even more money.

The developers intend to continue offering free spins to members of this comp program, even after the current comp season ends. This is an encouraging move, as it indicates that the casino is aware that players are interested in earning as much money as possible from the site. In addition to the free spins offered through the comp program, users will have the opportunity to participate in the Royal Vegas Razzpot competition. Unlike the normal slot machines, in this competition you will need to deposit an actual amount of money into your bankroll in order to win.


On top of all these promotions, there will also be some great changes coming to the Royal Vegas Raffle House. The winners of each game will be awarded with a VIP photo podium and will receive a VIP treatment at the Vegas hotel where they stay. At present, only players with a VIP membership in their respective casinos can enter the VIP photo booth. But the developers are hoping to expand the service to include non VIP players in the near future. Stay tuned for future updates!

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